Day 46: Kremmling CO to Walden CO

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Day 46 Wednesday July 6, 2005, 64 miles (103 km) – Total so far: 2,722 miles (4,381 km)

64.1 Miles and 5:41 Pedal Time

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I woke up around 7am and just rode into town to find breakfast. While I was studying my maps some gentleman came over to talk. He was riding the Colorado portion of the great divide on a motorcycle just for fun. My waitress asked me 3 times where I was traveling to today and each time I said Walden.

I talked to Chuck D. on the phone while I packed up my gear, trued my wheel. While I was leaving Kremmling I saw an east bounder standing on the side of the road reading his map. He was from Switzerland. We talked for a while he stayed in the $30 motel last night. I had considered it but I got to make up the costs from my digital camera disaster. I can’t really afford a motel if the weather is nice.

There were no services. The first 27 miles was all uphill. At 8,772 ft. I crossed the Muddy Pass. Approaching the muddy pass I got destroyed by mosquitos. When I got to the top I put on more bug spray and ate the sandwich I bought in Kremmling. After the Muddy Pass it was all downhill.

Shortly after the Muddy Pass I approached a loaded bicycle lying on the side of the road and a guy lying down next to it. I got freaked out and rode up asking if everything was alright.  He told me he had just eaten lunch and he was just relaxing. I talked to the cyclist while he laid on the ground, he was riding east. When we were talking 2 more east bounders rode up. I chatted with them for about 10 minutes then I took off down the hill.

Approaching Walden I was racing against some dark clouds. When I was about 5 miles from hitting town of jolt of lightning struck the ground it scared the crap outta me. I rode into town and found the library. CGOAB is still down; I have a gut feeling it will be up tomorrow. I found the town park and there was a tent already setup. I rode around Walden for a while looking for the swimming pool a young kid pointed me in the right direction.

When I got to the pool there was a bike parked in front. I went into the locker room and found the cyclist. His name was Mark he is from Ohio and is riding east. Mark and I sat in the locker room talking about the trail for a while. He is mostly riding 100+ days and spending 10 and 12 hours in the saddle. Mark left and I took my shower and went back to the campsite.

I rearranged the entire picnic table and setup my tent under the pavilion. I called the sheriff to check in and he asked me a ton of annoying questions. He said just in case I got into an accident he will have me on file.  That’s great.

I went out for a cheeseburger to a restaurant that said they have the best food, service and prices in Walden. There was only 1 waitress and she was serving like 7 tables. I wasn’t impressed by any of it so I only left 10%. I bought a can of beer and went back to the campsite and talked with Mark for a while. He went to bed early cause he was planning on getting up at like 5am. I told him I’m going to get up around the same time as him. He said if I can catch him in the morning then I am the man.

I talked on the phone for awhile and I was in my tent at 10pm.

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