Team Northern Tier 2007 Table of Contents

2007 Gear List – Team Northern Tier
Day 0: Boston, MA to Blue Hill, ME FAQ video
Day 1: Blue Hill, ME to Bar Harbor, ME
Day 2: Bar Harbor, ME to Bar Harbor, ME

Day 3: Bar Harbor, ME to Searsport, ME
Day 4: Searsport, ME to Waldoboro, ME
Day 5: Waldoboro, ME to Turner, ME

Day 6: Turner, ME to Conway, NH
Day 7: Conway, NH to Conway, NH
Day 8: Conway, ME to North Woodstock, NH
Day 9: North Woodstock, NH to North Woodstock, NH
Day 10: North Woodstock, NH to South Stafford, VT
Day 11: South Stafford to Hancock, VT
Day 12: Hancock, VT to Ticonderoga, NY
Day 13: Ticonderoga, NY to Long Lake, NY
Day 14: Long Lake, NY to Thendara, NY
Day 15: Thendara, NY to Port Ontario, NY
Day 16 Port Ontario, NY to Fairhaven, NY
Day 17: Fairhaven, NY to Palmyra, NY
Day 18: Palmyra, NY to Holley, NY
Day 19: Holley, NY to Lockport, NY, Driving to Buffalo Video
Day 20: Lockport, NY to Buffalo, NY
Day 21: Buffalo, NY to Buffalo, NY
Day 22: Buffalo NY to Evangola State Park, NY
Day 23: Evangola State Park, NY to Erie, PA
Day 24: Erie, PA to Geneva on the Lake, OH, Riding on Lake Erie Video
Day 25: Geneva on the Lake, OH to Willoughby, OH
Day 26: Willoughby, OH to Sheffield Lake, OH
Day 27: Sheffield Lake, OH to Gibsonburg, OH: Chris from the Netherlands Video
Day 28: Gibsonburg, OH to Bowling Green, OH
Day 29: Bowling Green, OH to Napoleon, OH
Day 30: Napolean, OH to Monroeville, IN
Day 31: Monroeville, IN to Largo, IN, Larry from Project Pedal Video
Day 32: Lagro, IN to Fletcher, IN: Indiana Beach video
Day 33: Fletcher, IN to Medaryville, IN
Day 34: Medaryville, IN to Chicago, IL: Chicago Video
Day 35: Chicago, IL to Chicago, IL: Discreetly in Chicago Video
Day 36: Chicago, IL to Chicago, IL
Day 37: Chicago, IL to Geneva, IL: Prairie Path Video
Day 38: Geneva, IL to Geneva, IL: Bike Medic & Mailbag Videos
Day 39: Geneva, IL to Williams Bay, WI
Day 40: Williams Bay, WI to Fort Atkinson, WI: Singing Animals in Wisconsin Videos
Day 41: Fort Atkinson, WI to Madison, WI
Day 42: Madison, WI to Spring Green, WI
Day 43: Spring Green, WI to Wonewoc, WI

Day 44: Wonewoc, WI to Bangor, WI: Old Style Beer Video
Day 45: Bangor, WI to Alma, WI: Mailbag Video
Day 46: Alma, WI to Prescott, WI: Music Video

Day 47: Prescott, MN to Minneapolis, MN
Day 48: Minneapolis, MN to Minneapolis, MN
Day 49: Minneapolis, MN to Buffalo, MN: Tailwind Video & Collapsed Bridge Photos
Day 50: Buffalo, MN to Rice, MN
Day 51: Rice, MN to Parkers Prairie, MN, 3 Videos from the bar
Day 52: Parkers Prairie, MN to Pelican Rapids, MN, The places we sleep video
Day 53: Pelican Rapids, MN to Fargo, ND: A mailbag video & 2 Fargo Video
Day 54: Fargo, ND to Page, ND, Sunflower VideoDay
Day 55: Page, ND to Binford, ND

Day 56: Binford, ND to Tolna, ND
Day 57: Tolna, ND to Rugby, ND
Day 58: Rugby, ND to Surrey, ND
Day 59: Surrey, ND to Stanley, ND
Day 60: Stanley, ND to Stanley, ND, Wi-Fi & Interview Videos
Day 61: Stanley, ND to Williston, ND
Day 62: Williston, ND to Wolf Point, MT
Day 63: Wolf Point, MT to Saco, MT, Trailer & Saco, Montana Video
Day 64: Saco, MT to Chinook, MT, Saco the next morning video
Day 65: Chinook, MT to Havre, MT
Day 66: Havre, MT to Gildsford, MT
Day 67: Gildsford, MT to Shelby, MT, The Ninja Interview
Day 68: Shelby, MT to Browning, MT
Day 69: Browning, MT to Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, MT, 4 Videos
Day 70: Lake McDonald to Glacier National Park, MT to White Fish, MT
Day 71: Whitefish, MT to Eureka, MT
Day 72: Eureka, MT to Libby, MT
Day 73: Libby, MT to Clark Fork, ID
Day 74: Clark Fork, ID to Sandpoint, ID
Day 75: Sandpoint, ID to Sandpoint ID, Train Video
Day 76: Sandpoint, ID to Ione, WA
Day 77: Ione, WA to Kettle Falls, WA
Day 78: Kettle Falls, WA to Republic, WA
Day 79: Republic, WA to Omak, WA: Drive-Time Video
Day 80: Omak, WA to Twisp, WA
Day 81: Twisp, WA to New Halem, WA
Day 82: New Halem, WA to Anacortes, WA: Done. Video
Day 83: Anacortes, WA to Mukilteo, WA
Day 84: Mukilteo, WA to Seattle, WA
Day 85: Seattle, WA to Seattle, WA
Day 86: Seattle, WA to Seattle, WA
Day 87: Seattle, WA to Roy, WA
Day 88: Roy, WA to Napavine, WA
Day 89: Napavine, WA to Portland, OR
Day 90: Portland, OR to Portland, OR

1 ½ months in Portland Oregon, in a nutshell.