Day 3: Glendale, VA to Ashland, VA

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Day 3 Tuesday May 24, 2005, 36 miles (59 km) – Total so far: 152 miles (245 km)

3:10 pedal time and 36.4 Miles

I woke up around 7:30am, the weather didn’t look too promising but at least it wasn’t raining. I cooked some oatmeal and did everything I had to do to get packed up and riding. I started riding about 8:30. I left a small donation for the Willis Church and I helped myself to the overabundance of candy in the kitchen that the pastor told me to take.

The hills weren’t that bad today. I got chased by a German Sheppard early in the morning. My pepper spray wasn’t in a reachable location in my handlebar bag, but luckily I didn’t need it. I promised that sonofabitch that I’ll never ride past his house ever again.

I was a little shaky riding for most of the morning. I hung out at this gas station for a while and chatted with a State Trooper, while I drank my morning coffee. He was cool. After I had my coffee I felt a lot better and took off like a rocket, trying to get as far as I could before it started raining.

The route is beautifully marked with ‘Bike route 76’ signs at every turn. The terrain was a lot like yesterday, riding through farms and woods. There are historical markers all over the place. This is Civil War territory. While I was riding I was thinking about how weird it would be if I accidentally rode through a space time continuum and suddenly got warped back in time and was suddenly riding through a Civil War battle.

The rain caught up with me around 12:30. I put on all my rain gear, covered all my bags, bought some Gatorade and ate a chicken filet sandwich. I rode about another 10 miles and the chicken sandwich erupted inside of my stomach. I can’t eat any more food that’s been fried. My digestion  justcan’t handle it.

I didn’t want to just ride 30 miles today, I felt like riding 60 miles but the rain starting to come down pretty hard. I bought some food and just head over to the campsite in Ashland. I spent a little extra money and got the small cabin instead sleeping in the tent. It’s pretty cold out and ground is soaked.

I cooked up some beef stew for lunch. The campsite has ‘Free modem usage’ so I hooked up to the landline and tried to do some stuff on the internet. But it was so slow I just got frustrated and gave up. It felt like 1996, waiting for webpages to load. But at least I got the weather. I think the rain will be gone tomorrow. The weather man says different. reports are always wrong, I’ve learned you have to look at the map and make your own prediction.


I cooked up the rest of the spaghetti for dinner tonight, and then popped some jiffy pop for dessert. I’m eating all day long. The minute I stop eating I get hungry.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a 52 mile day out to Lake Anna, one of Virginia’s most popular lakes.  I’m really excited to go to Monticello (Thomas Jefferson’s house) that’s probably going to happen Thursday. I hope I can catch a tour. I’ve always been a big fan of Mr. Jefferson. He describes his house as an ‘Essay in Architecture’.  He was obsessed with the famous Italian architect Andrea Palladio and I spent a lot of time studying Palladio’s architecture last summer when I was touring around Italy.

The hills are about to get steep. Apparently they are steeper in Virginia then they are in the Rocky Mountains. I have to figure out how to use my altimeter.

No pictures today. The camera was packed away tight because it was raining.

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