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The summer of 2005, I took a bicycle ride that started in Virginia Beach, Virginia and ended in Florence, Oregon.  It was my first long bicycle tour and also the first time I had ever seen middle of America, the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Coast. That experience changed my life. I laughed, I cried and I blogged all about the experience.

This blog was originally hosted on CrazyGuyonaBike.com until September of 2014 when it was re-released on Coast2CoastBikeRide.com. The original blog had approximately 214,000 hits prior to the move.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. I sure as hell had a lot of fun writing it. Please feel free to leave any comments on any of the blogposts.

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Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION!?: The status of my cross country ride as per October 15th 2004
Pre-Ride Drama Updates.: Pre Ride Updates
ROUTE: The ol’ Bike Route 76

Day -1: Long Island NY  to  Fairfield, CT
Day 0: NYC  to  Norfolk VA
Day 1: Norfolk VA to Jamestown VA
Day 2: Jamestown VA to  Glendale VA
Day 3: Glendale VA to  Ashland,VA
Day 4: Ashland VA to  Mineral VA
Day 5: Mineral VA  to Charlettsville VA
Day 6: Charlottesville, VA to  Afton, VA
Day 7: Afton VA to  Lexington VA
Day 8: Lexington VA to  Buchanan VA
Day 9: Buchanan VA to Christiansburg VA
Day 10: Christiansburg VA to Wytheville VA
Day 11: Wytheville to Damascus VA
Day 12: Damascus VA to  Elk Garden VA
Day 13: Elk Garden VA to  Breaks VA
Day 14: Breaks VA to  Pippa Passes KY
Day 15: Pippa Passes KY to  Hazard KY
Day 16: Hazard KY to Booneville KY
Day 17: Booneville KY to  Berea KY
Day 18: Berea KY  to  Springfield KY
Day 19: Springfield KY  to  East Mills KY
Day 20: White Mills KY to  Utica KY
Day 21: Utica KY  to  Harrisburg IL
Day 22: Harrisburg IL  to  Carbondale IL
Day 23: Carbondale IL  to  Carbondale IL
Day 24: Carbondale IL  to  Chester IL
Day 25: Chester IL  to  Farmington MO
Day 26: Farmington MO to  Johnsons Shut In MO
Day 27: Johnsons Shut In MO to  Eminence MO
Day 28: Eminence MO  to  Houston MO
Day 29: Houston MO  to  Marshfield MO
Day 30: Marshfield MO  to Golden City, MO
Day 31: Golden City MO–> Chanute KS
Day 32: Chanute KS  to  Eureka KS
Day 33: Eureka KS to Buhler KS
Day 34: Buhler KS to  Great Bend KS
Day 35: Great Bend KS to  Dighton KS
Day 36: Dighton KS  to  Leoti KS
Day 37: Leoti KS to  Haswell CO
Day 38: Haswell CO  to  Pueblo CO
Day 39: Pueblo CO to  Pueblo CO
Day 40: Pueblo CO to  Royal Gorge CO
Day 41: Royal Gorge CO  to  Guffey CO
Day 42: Guffey CO  to  Fairplay CO
Day 43: Fairplay CO to  Breckinridge CO
Day 44: Breckenridge CO  to  Breckenridge CO
Day 45: Breckenridge CO to  Kremmling CO
Day 46: Kremmling CO  to  Walden CO
Day 47: Walden CO  to  Saratoga WY
Day 48: Saratoga WY  to  Rawlins WY
Day 49: Rawlins WY  to  Jeffrey City WY
Day 50: Jeffrey City WY to  Lander WY
Day 51: Lander WY  to  Dubois WY
Day 52: Dubois WY  to  Grand Teton National Park WY
Day 53: Grand Teton National Park WY to  Jackson Hole WY
Day 54: Jackson Hole WY to  Grant Villiage, Yellowstone National Park WY
Day 55: Grant Villiage, Yellowstone National Park WY to  West Yellowstone, MT
Day 56: West Yellowstone MT to  Cameron MT
Day 57: Cameron MT to Virginia City MT
Day 58: Virginia City MT to  Dillion MT
Day 59: Dillon MT to  Dillon MT
Day 60: Dillon MT  to  Jackson MT
Day 61: Jackson MT to  Darby MT
Day 62: Darby MT to  Missoula MT
Day 63: Missoula MT to  Lolo Hot Springs MT
Day 64: Lolo Hot Springs MT to  Lowell ID
Day 65: Lowell ID  to  Grangeville ID
Day 66: Grangeville ID to  Riggins ID
Day 67: Riggins ID  to  Cambridge ID
Day 68: Cambridge ID to  Baker City OR
Day 69: Baker City OR to  Baker City OR
Day 70: Baker City OR to  Prairie City OR
Day 71: Prairie City OR to  Dayville OR
Day 72: Dayville OR to  Ochoko Lake OR
Day 73: Ochoko Lake OR to  Bend OR
Day 74: Bend OR to  Mckenzie Bridge OR
Day 75: Mckenzie Bridge OR  to  Springfield OR
Day 76: Springfield OR  to  Florence OR
Day 77: Florence OR to NYC

17 Days Home

4 Weeks in Germany