Michael Riscica on the Pedal Shift Podcast Episode #58

By Michael Riscica / September 16, 2016


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Tim Mooney is one of my favorite bicycle tourists. All summer long, I listened to the PedalShift podcast while I was bicycling across America. It quickly became my favorite. What I love most about this podcast is Tim’s fun attitude and also how much attention he pays to the details. As a fellow nerd, I truly appreciate it and I have learned a ton about bicycle touring from listening to this podcast  and hearing Tim’s insight.

While I was cycling, Tim followed me across America and kept mentioning my tour on the podcast, which I am truly grateful for.

Last week Tim and I sat down to discuss my bike ride this summer and recorded episode 58 for the PedalShift Podcast. Which you can find here:


Tim and I also met up a few weeks prior and both appeared on the The Sprocket Podcast Episode #313, with Brock and Aaron. This was right before Tim was about to tour the Pacific Coast.


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Michael Riscica

Hey, I’m Michael Riscica and I live in Portland, Oregon with my Labrador Retriever. When I’m off the bike, I make my living as a Licensed Architect and also write a architecture blog at YoungArchitect.com.

I took my first bike tour in 2003 when I rode from Boston to New York City, and at that time I learned about cycling across America. My life was forever changed. I have successfully ridden and blogged about Coast2Coast bike rides during the summers of 2005, 2007and now 2016.

Thanks for following along. I would love to connect with you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Linked In! Also check out my new project Young Architect Gear, designing architecturally themed gifts and products.

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Aaron Spencer - October 2, 2016

Hello Michael,

Hey, have you done all the posting that you are going to do? I thought you had some more to post. Have a good rest of the weekend. Be blessed.

Aaron Spencer (Dave’s friend)

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