Punching Cattle From a Jack Rabbit – Day 39

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Day 39 Larned, KS To Dighton, KS
July 1, 2016
98.9 Miles for the day
1,960.6 Total miles for trip
6:39 Ride Time


Today is July 1st, the first thing I did was post a Rabbit Rabbit picture on social media. It says: Punching cattle on a Jack Rabbit!

Yeah, so it rained in the middle of the night pretty hard. Austin and I slept on the picnic tables. I got a little bit wet sleeping on top of the picnic table, but I didn’t care. I would rather get a little bit wet then have to deal with all the tent bullshit. In the morning Austin and I packed up really fast and were ready to roll way before our eastbound friends.


We had breakfast at a place called Sweets and Eats and it was one of the best breakfasts of the trip. Leaving breakfast I saw the Bike The US For MS Van roll by and got super excited. I have been following their crew on Instagram


Riding out of town we caught them at the post office collecting all their mail. We chatted with Mike and Amanda for awhile. They are awesome! They told us all about their trip. It sounds like the Bike The US For MS is a ton of fun. Mike gave Austin and I some extra MS Bike Jerseys he had. They look and feel super great! Nicest gift ever! I gave them a ton of Dude stickers. Hopefully we’ll see them again. Maybe in Pueblo!


Riding out of town we caught a pretty sweet tailwind. Which really helped make this 97 day happen.


At lunch we stopped for a burger in a town called Rush Center and met to eastbounders Leslie and Sven. They were really cool, I wish I got to talk to them longer. Their journal is at https://l7biketouring.wordpress.com/ and I just had a ton of fun reading about their trip.

After lunch we made a left onto Route 96 which we’ll ride for the next 300 miles into Pueblo. 300 miles isnt bad. On the Northern Tier we did 700 miles on Route 2. I wanted to bang my head against a Route 2 sign by the end of it.


The rest of the day we rode pretty hard to Dighton. When we got there the sherriff told us if we hear a tornado siren to head straight to the courthouse. Austin cooked dinner on his little camping stove and we drank some beers in the park.

Kansas is unfolding very nicely. I have been really enjoying it! It always makes me nervous crossing the great plains. It can go on forever.

I went nuts with my camera today. Here is all my extra pictures.


Picture from the end of a 99 mile day. I’ve been riding with this guy Austin I met a few days ago. We did 117 miles yesterday! We’ve been killin it!!



Kansas skyscraper!


IMG_3803 IMG_3797   IMG_3786 IMG_3785 IMG_3782  IMG_3779 IMG_3778 IMG_3768

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Aaron Spencer - July 5, 2016

Hello Michael,
I am glad that you replied to my post and let me know that you only post on the blog about every four days. I won’t be so anxious any more. I talked to Dave today and told him that you were still going strong. He said to tell you Hi and that he is praying for you also. Keep up the good work. I am glad that you ran into Austin. Maybe you all can travel together for a while. I know that you are a loaner but company is good sometime. I did go to instagram and look at all of your pictures. I probably won’t set up an account but I will look at your pictures each day. Bye for now. God loves you Michael the Warrior!!!

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