Camping, McDonalds and A+ Country Riding – Day 11

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Christiansburg VA to Wytheville VA
62.4 miles for the day
Day 11 – June 3, 2016
401.1 Total miles for trip   


Last night I stayed at Macados until late and then camped behind the church.  When I was riding into town I saw the picnic pavilion but when I came back all the lights were on and the place was filled with bugs.  I dragged a picnic table into the darkness so noone would see me and slept on top of that. In the morning, I put it back. Leaving no trace or evidence that I was ever there.

….well besides this picture.

I rocked out to Michael Jackson songs on the jukebox at the Waffle House during breakfast.

The riding today was a repeast of yesterday, gorgeous country road through the Appalachians, but with more services and stops. These roads are unbelievably beautiful. It is soo peaceful being out here in the middle of nowhere on my bike. 1 year ago, I was sitting 8 hours a day in my air conditioned cubicle inside The Portland Building.  The architecture of The Portland Building has zero regard for the good people whom work inside of it, which is part of how I ended up on this bike trip.

Today I listened to Seth Godin’s Startup School. I’ve heard it before about 2 years ago, it has a whole new meaning this time around. Seth Godin is pretty rad. Out of all these Entrepreneur Personalities, I think Seth Godin is the least annoying and definitely the straightest shooter.

After 30 miles, I took a 3 hour break today in a McDonald’s. During that time I had meeting with my book keeper and I had of a bunch of Young Architect and ARE Boot Camp work I needed to get out the door. While I was sitting In McDonald’s the sky opened up and down poured. It really cooled everything off. I watched all my Ortlieb bags get drenched and confidently knew everything inside was super dry.

At about 4pm I left McDonald’s and rode another 30 miles into Wytheville.  I call my office in Portland, The Young Architect World Headquarters. I have a feeling on this trip that McDonalds is going to become the Young Architect “Temporary” World Headquarters until I get back to Portland. McDonald’s Wifi is actually pretty good.

I got rained on a little bit, but I didn’t care. The second half of the day I was paralleling the interstate. I’m not really of fan of being anywhere near the Interstate, but sometimes its a necessary evil to get from point A to point B.

When I got into Wytheville I was debating between all my fast food dinner options and magically a church group appeared on the side of the road selling food to raise money so they can build an ADA restroom in their church. I can get behind. They fed me really well.

I found the park and slept in the same place I slept in 2005.  There was a thru hiker and a hitchhiker also staying there, each with their own dog. I played with the dogs and went to sleep. Missing my dog has been the hardest part of this entire trip.


Dude Robot was spotted today in Sheridan Colorado. Someone on Instagram posted this to me.



Headed straight into HELL! ???????? #biketouring #transamerica2016 #mikeriscica666 #666 #satan



This picture doesn’t inspire me to ride my bike into Kentucky. Those coal trucks almost killed me last time I rode the transam. #transamerica2016 #biketouring #kentucky #adventurecycling #adventurecyclingassociation



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Sam - June 12, 2016

Hell yeah on the Waffle House! Laura and I ate at one on our way back to Charlottesville (we cheated by being in the car) and our server had Waffle House arm warmers on, which can be ordered through their website.

Loving the blog posts and happy to hear you’re doing well. Your descriptions are giving us inspiration to ride the rest of VA next year in our quest to slowly finish the Trans Am, section by section.

Stay thirsty, my friend!

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