Day 26: Willoughby, OH to Sheffield Lake, OH

By Michael Riscica / July 12, 2007

Thursday July 12, 2007, 51 miles (81 km) – Total so far: 1,238 miles (1,993 km) 
50.53 miles 21 max 4 hr 30 min

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Last night Jamie and I were up till about 1am finishing up what we needed to do with the journals and the videos. Before I went to sleep I wrote a post saying how we need people to comment in the guestbook because our journal is getting too many hits and noone is leaving us comments and its kinda dull for us not hearing from anyone whos reading.

When I woke up this morning there were 4 comments waiting for me. Chuck was all over the Continental Breakfast at 6:30am. It was a slow morning. Our motel room was a disaster and each time we walked back into the room from the continental breakfast we went ‘Ew’ from the smell.

Before heading out Mikeriscica checked his bank account and that put him in a foul mood for a few hours. Im doing OK financially but the budget has to get a little tighter. That means less eating out and saving money on daily expenses when possible. Getting started and through New England was expensive and there wasn’t really anything that we could have done about it.  And that’s not really bad news because our favorite meals on this trip are always the ones that we have made ourselves.

Leaving the hotel we got lost trying to find the IHOP. We were riding bikes on big roads that we weren’t supposed to be on. Finally we found the IHOP where Laura works and we had breakfast there. Laura who we met 2 nights ago at the campsite was really excited to see us.

At the breakfast table we were entertained with all the comments that kept coming in. we talked about how today was going to be a horrible day riding through Cleveland. Everyone we have spoken to told us that getting in and out of Cleveland is a disaster and we need to be very careful. Jamie half seriously wanted to just take a bus right through Cleveland.

We said farewell to Laura and got back on the trail. We kept stopping at mcdonalds cause there was nowhere to pee. In one of the mcdonalds I talked to 2 nice ladies who were eating breakfast I told them about the trip and they got really excited when I told them we were riding through glacier. She said Going to the Sun road is her most favorite place in the entire world. This is about the 10th time I have heard this from different people.

26c7 ##

Riding into Cleveland we all rode pretty hard into our 10-15 mph headwind. we drafted all day long and the wind was no big deal. Entering Cleveland we rode through some really nice residential neighborhood. Going into Cleveland we stayed along lake erie and it was pretty much smooth sailing all day long.

## 26c11 ## ## 26m6 ##

We rode into town. Looked at that silly Rock and Roll hall of fame building for a few minutes and then we rode right outta there.
Leaving Cleveland was just as nice as entering Cleveland. We stopped at a grocery store and ate leftover meatballs for lunch. I called the campsite and we had 35 more miles to ride. We read all the new comments and John Sullivan emailed me the dirtiest joke he knew and that had us all groaning for awhile. HA!

## 26m9 ##

We stopped at this community center that was off to the side of the road and went behind to take a break along side Lake Erie. It was a cozy little spot. We talked about calling the cops asking for permission to camp there. But then we just decided to just ride to the campsite that’s 15 miles away.

## 26m11 ## ## 26m10 ##

As we were getting back on the road we rode past this crazy looking bike. I did a double take and then told chuck that Ive gotta turn around to check out that crazy bike. I rode up and the people who’s house it was came out to say hi. The father Dwayne introduced himself and told me he built that bike for his daughter Macy could ride it in the Parade that’s about to come right past his house in about 2 hours. Dwaynes a mechanic and Automotive Research is the name of his Garage.

Dwayne said if we wanted to hang around Sheffield Lake for the night that we were more then welcome to camp in his backyard. He had to run some errands but said to make ourselves at home.

26duane ##

We quickly decided it’s a good idea to stay. Backyard, kitchen, parade and a carnival. We went to the grocery store and bought dinner. The carnival was in full force and the town was packed with rowdy teenagers.

## 26m13 ## ## 26c26 ## ## 26m14 ##

Back at Dwayne’s we setup tents, Dwayne showed us his hot rods  and then parade came through. We sat back and watched the parade like the Kings that we are.  The Mayor was marching so we gave him a big thank you for throwing this parade for welcoming Team Northern Tier to Sheffield Lake. At the end of the parade, Macy got on her crazy bike and rode at the end of the parade. Everyone cheered for her and the bike. It was great.

Chuck cooked a great chicken dinner and we listened to Guns and Roses, Lies on Dwaynes stereo system. I responded to almost everyone who commented during the day. We were all exhausted so never made it to Carnival.

Riding through Cleveland wasn’t that bad. Infact it was quite pleasant.  Thanks for all the great comments. It kept us smiling all day long.

26c2 ## ## 26c5 ## ## 26c17 ##

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