What do you live in a Barn?!??? – Day 30

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Day 30
Houston, MO To Marshfield, MO
June 22, 2016
67.9 Miles for the day
1,408.4 Total miles for trip
6:06  Ride Time


Last night when I rolled into Houston the Lifeguard at the swimming pool let me take a shower and clean up. I needed it, I must have sweat about 5 gallons yesterday. Unfortunately, they had swim practice going on so I couldn’t swim in the pool.

I slept in the same exact spot I slept in 2005. Houston, Missouri was pretty dead last night. I slept really good. I need to find an REI, so I can compare the insect mesh on my current tent with the tent I used on Team Northern Tier. My tent always feels 10 degrees hotter.

I had breakfast at a diner in Houston and it was delicious. I told the waitress all about my trip and she got all worried I was going to get a flat tire or my chain would break. I told her “…that NEVER happens.”

Leaving Houston I saw one of the cyclists I saw in Ellington. He took a picture of the helmet tan on my head and sent it to his Wife. He said he told her about it after he met me the other day.

I’ve been holding off on bragging about how badass my helmet tan is. I’d like to get it just a little bit darker, before I show you guys. Nevertheless, I’m really proud it of it so far.  I would like to look like the dude from Alien Nation at the end of this bike tour. Having a killer helmet tan is just having a really cool beard.

The cycling today was a repeat of yesterday. It was pretty tough, but I had a much better day then yesterday. I’ve been breaking the days up into 20-30 mile segments and I take atleast an hour break inside air conditioning somewhere before I ride the next segment.

A few days ago when I was checking my twitter account I got a message from my friend Tim Mooney at the Pedal Shift Podcast. Tim told me that he mentioned my bike journal in the next episode of Pedal Shift. Checking out the Pedal Shift podcast had been on my to do list for a long time, so I downloaded the latest 6 episodes off ITunes and started listening.

Pedal Shift is a pretty awesome bicycle touring podcast. Tim does a really professional job hosting the show. I love the format he uses and I quickly got sucked in for few hours listening to him talk about bike touring. He really geeks out on alot of topics in a way that I can really appreciate. I am excited to hear what he has to say about Coast2CoastBikeRide.com and to also check out more episodes.

When I got to Marshfield, some BBQ place stayed open a little bit later so I could get some food and drink 2 beers.

I found the park in Marshfield and slept on top of a beautiful precast concrete table. Marshfield is pretty dead.

I took alot of pictures today so here is a few more…


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John - August 10, 2016

I’m way behind reading about your trip. About 2 months behind on the blog, but up to date on Instagram. Now that I’m no longer in a cube farm at work, I spend less time on the internet.
I read a couple of posts back of how your pictures boor some. For us who bike tour, photos like the ones on this page are priceless. We get it. There are days when it’s just us and an occasional turtle on the road.
Good stuff.

    Michael Riscica - August 12, 2016

    Thanks John!!!

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