Day 74: Clark Fork, ID to Sandpoint, ID

By Michael Riscica / August 29, 2007

Wednesday August 29, 2007, 31 miles (51 km) – Total so far: 4,012 miles (6,457 km)
## 74map ## 31.39 miles  

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Cold cold cold. It was another routine freezing morning. We packed up and hurried to the breakfast place to warm up. We had breakfast at the same place we had dinner last night. ‘Where Food is Fun!’  I picked out my breakfast last night, it’s called the Gangster. It was this egg concoction with everything on it.

Breakfast was real good. During breakfast we watched the news and made fun of the Idaho Senator who got busted for lewd homosexual behavior in the Minneapolis airport bathroom. I managed to eat my entire gangster and our waitress said not many people could do that. My appetite has gotten to the point where it is basically outta control.

I feel like I could just eat all day long. We’re sick of eating, we really are.

After a great breakfast we rode outta Clark Fork. The plan for today was to ride 30 miles and take the rest of the day off in Sandpoint and get caught up on everything we need to do. Like bathing, washing clothes and updating the journal, none of these chores have been attended to lately. And word on the street is we could catch a cheap motel room in Sandpoint.

The ride to Sandpoint was a crazy 30 miles and we didn’t stop once. We all just wanted to get there and worry about relaxing once we got there.

Riding into Sandpoint the goal was to just get into our cheap motel room ASAP. We called all the motel rooms on the side of the road and quickly learned there was no such thing as a cheap motel room in Sandpoint.

We found the Post Office and picked up a Mail drop from Mrs. Sackin. She sent us all types of stuff like Power bars, tea, cookies, bread, sunscreen and lots of useful stuff. We were really excited as we ripped open the boxes in the post office parking lot that she had sent to us.

Our motel room plan got squashed. We did a lap around town looking for a comfortable place to use the Wi-Fi. Had no luck, just decided to go over to the library.

When I walked into the library I walked past some dude in the lobby working on a laptop and he stopped me. His name is Burke and he said he thinks he met Jamie and I in Buffalo, New York a few weeks ago. I stared at him real hard for a few minutes and couldn’t recognize him. And then it hit me. I did remember meeting this guy in Buffalo, New York. I remembered He was riding all over the country playing rock music at all these gigs he had setup. Jamie and I talked with him for a good 20 minutes and Jamie took some video of him when we were in buffalo. I even had a picture of him on my jump drive that never got added into the journal. I tried to give him our card but he still had it in his wallet from the last time we saw him. We talked for a little bit about everything that has happened since we saw each other last. What a small world. Burke gave me his websites. and

I tried to get comfortable in the library and sat there for about 20 minutes before I said I’m starving and I can’t write this crap without drinking lots of caffeine. So I said farewell to my friend Jamie Obrien and Chuck and I went over to Starbucks to crank out a bunch of journal entries.  Sat there for a few hours, buying nothing but a bagel and asking for lots of hot water cause I had my own tea that was a lot better than that Starbucks Tazo crap they call tea.

Chuck walked around town and did all the dirty work and learned that we could camp at the best western for $40 and could use their pool, hot tub, showers, beach, Wi-Fi, blah blah blah.  So we went over there and checked in the waitress in the restaurant said we could sit at her table and do Wi-Fi stuff and just order drinks.

So Charles and I ordered a few pitchers of Moose drool and banged out some work on the TNT journal. We got a lot done! Jamie showed up and said ‘we can’t afford to eat dinner here, let’s get out of  here.’ And he was right.
We all went back to our campsite and Jamie and chuck went to get burritos that were terrible. We all crashed pretty early. It’s going to be an interesting night, we’re camping right next to the railroad, that has a train come by every 30 minutes.

Tomorrow we’re riding out of Sandpoint, an 80 mile day.

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