Day 85: Seattle, WA to Seattle, WA

By Michael Riscica / September 9, 2007

Sunday September 9, 2007, 15 miles (25 km) – Total so far: 4,625 miles (7,444 km)
15.49 Miles

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Last night we both slept unbelievable. In the morning we chit chatted with Kris for a little bit and finally made a long awaited visit to the BIGGEST REI in the country. Over the past couple of years Jamie and I have turned into HUGE REI whores. We’re obsessed buying everything at REI. They are the only company that happily takes back broken pieces of equipment and tells me ‘it’s alright!’ Because of that we’re customers for life.

We climbed some bitchin hills to get to REI. It felt good to finally get there. Jamie and I departed when we got there. I walked the entire store and looked at everything in almost every single department. I got all pissed off because I just want to wear real clothing and a pair of sneakers. It just doesn’t make sense to buy them now because last thing I need is to carry more crap for the 200 miles to Portland.  But anyways Jamie made some pretty serious returns. His thermarest deflates every night so he got a new one. He also said the girl at customer service who took his returns sexually harassed him and creeped him out.

While I was walking around REI I text messaged with Erika who rode the NYC century ride today and did 55 miles. She’s really excited she has never ridden that far and it’s quite a feat considering she has only been riding for a couple of months.  Knowing the NYC century ride was today really made me miss being home. It is one of my favorite bike rides in the entire world. Oh well.

REI exhausted both of us so we went over to the library. Jamie plugged away at editing his 10 minute video for the video screening tomorrow night. I worked on journal entries. We both got a lot of work done.

While I was the library I realized the bar we went to that night in Ione, Idaho played some games with my credit card and there’s a $52 charge there that shouldn’t be there. So annoying.

I walked around the library a little bit. Call me old fashioned but I wasn’t that crazy about this library at all. I just don’t understand the ridiculous shape and big awkward interior spaces. Why this building is is a library and not a museum or a posh restaurant or a REI or anything else. Why a library?   Nevertheless it functioned for Jamie and I to get a ton of work done. We bought a box of tea at the store next door and just kept getting hot water from the café.
After the library closed we grabbed some terrible burgers and beers. The cook screwed up our burgers and we ended up not having to pay for them so we just spent that money on more cheap beers.

When we got back to the house Kris came down to hang out and talk for a while. We had a lot of fun talking with her. She ended up end making both us martinis because I told her that I have never had a martini before. She was more than proud to give me my first Martini.  We’re so tired we crashed pretty early.

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