Day 86: Seattle, WA to Seattle, WA

By Michael Riscica / September 10, 2007

Monday September 10, 2007, 17 miles (28 km) – Total so far: 4,643 miles (7,472 km)

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Jamie and I woke up real late. It’s been so nice finally stop moving. Have I mentioned the last couple of days of the Northern Tier really whooped our butts? We hung around the house for a little bit and then went over to staples to buy a blank DVD.

While I was waiting outside some middle aged man in an SUV went flying through the parking lot and drove into this handicapped parking spot at full speed and slammed on the breaks. He came about 18 inches away from slamming Jamie’s bike into the side of the building. I yelled about how he’s going to kill somebody and he told me that ‘Close only matters in hand grenades and slow dancing’. I told him that’s great because it’s not my fault if his headlights get kicked out trying to remove Jamie’s bike from this tight situation he put us on. But he didn’t seem to care and I didn’t kick out his headlights. I just left the newspaper I was reading all over the hood of his car.  That jerk didn’t even have a handicap sticker.

Jamie and I found a coffee shop in downtown and we sat there all day long working on editing the 10 minute video for tonight’s screening at the 911 media center I head over the media center first while Jamie burned the disk. But unfortunately the directions google gave us sent us to the hospital’s emergency room. At the last minute we had to make a mad dash across town but we got there just in time.
Unfortunately not many people had showed up for the open screening and there were only 2 other pieces besides ours to view.

Ours played first.  Jamie doesn’t think he’s going to be able to upload the video to the internet for several reasons. So I’m just going to describe it. He took google earth and jumped all over the US using some of the videos that were posted on the website. It showed: the flat tire video, Turner Maine, prairie trail, Chicago, Indiana beach, Saco Montana, glacier video, bar video, where we sleep and Anacortes video.

Our video was very well received. They gave some great feedback about how their needs some music when the video jumps from place to place. The audience was really excited to hear about our trip. Everyone also really complimented us after we told them that we just whipped this thing together at the last minute so we could have something to show tonight.

At the end of the night we went back to Glenn and Kris’s house and went to sleep pretty early. It’s been a nice 2 days off in Seattle. Sorry, no pictures today. I’m thinking about giving them up and only keeping a text based touring journals from now on. Just kidding.

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