Headwinds into Jeffrey City – Day 52

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Day 52 Rawlins, WY To Jeffrey City, WY
July 14, 2016
73.7 Miles for the day
2,721.3 Total miles for trip
5:08 Ride Time


Photo Jul 14, 11 13 14 AM

I slept OK last night on the picnic table. I took a shower in the morning and left pretty early. I grabbed breakfast at Burger King and tried their new breakfast burrito. Its nothing to write home about. I also stopped at Walmart and got some snacks.

Lately I feel like I haven’t needed to drink as much water or eat as much food. My body has gone through several weird changes on this trip. I’ve been riding all day and only drinking 3 bottles. When I was on the east coast I used to drink 7-10 bottles a day. I think its the altitude.

Photo Jul 14, 12 16 13 PM

In the middle of the day, 3 of the girls from the ACA group caught up to me. The winds were really bad so we drafted each other all the way into Jeffery City. Today was a rough day of cycling for everyone.


When we arrived at Jeffrey City everyone drank a few beers to relax from pushing through the wind.


My East Bound Brother!

Photo Jul 14, 2 50 02 PM

Jeffrey city is hardly a city. Its more like a ghost town. It used to be a uranium mining town. But that dried up and everyone left. The only thing in town is a restaurant/bar. A cool artist guy moved there a few years ago and he hangs out with all the cyclists, but he wasn’t around.


Luckily the church in town let’s all the cyclists stay there. It’s at the end of a really long unpaved road. Everyone is always a lot farther out here then it looks.


Robot Bombing the ACA Group Photo.

Tonight was the largest group the church had all year. There were about 20 cyclists crashing there tonight and people everywhere. I slept in a soft carpeted room with 4 girls. I put in my ear plugs and was out like a light.

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Sam - July 21, 2016

Damn! Byron the Potter wasn’t around; what a bummer. He would have been the most interesting character of the trip. Rock on, brother!

Aaron Spencer - July 22, 2016

Hello Michael,

Well, you are moving on. Glad to see you with a group of people. You are pretty much a loaner but you always find people to be around. Hey, wasn’t God good to put that church in the middle of nowhere for you guys to stay in. God is looking out after you Michael the Warrior. I am still praying for your safety, good weather, and a tail wind. Be blessed in Jesus Name. I haven’t read a reply to any of my post lately. I guess you are busy with other things. Have fun. Maybe you should of gotten a 36 spoke wheel for your front also. You are carrying a lot of weight on the front and the back. You don’t weigh much but your stuff does. Bye.
Aaron Spencer

    Michael Riscica - July 25, 2016

    Thanks Aaron. I have a 36 spoke in the front. Have a great day!

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