Mail Drop, The Oil Refinery and Riding on The Interstate – Day 51

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Day 51 Riverside, CO To Rawlins, WY
 July 13, 2016
64.2 Miles for the day
2,647.6 Total miles for trip
5:15 Ride Time

Up at 5:30 am, Ranger Mike threw a stick at my tent and yelled “It’s a great day to ride a bicycle”.  Mike recently retired as a Park Ranger. It’s been a lot of fun hearing all his stories.

Nothing was open in riverside at 6 am, except the gas station. I ate a bag of chips there and spoke to an eastbound cyclist about the trail for a while. I love east bound Transam Riders. In fact I like to refer to them as “My Eastbound Brothers and Sisters”. They are always a ton of fun to talk to and get advice from.

It was an easy 20 ride to Saratoga with a tailwind.

I grabbed breakfast there, and while I was leaving I saw the ACA group riding out of town. They looked like a bunch of soldiers leaving to go off into war.

The first 40 miles of the day, I had a sweet tailwind riding north. After that the trail turned west and put us on interstate Route 80 for 14 miles and basically turned us right into the wind.

Photo Jul 13, 12 27 28 PM

Before I got on the highway I saw Luz front the ACA rider, so I rode with them into the headwinds on Interstate Route 80 towards Sinclair, Wyoming.

Photo Jul 13, 12 05 03 PM

Some of the ACA Riders


Photo Jul 13, 2 13 23 PM

Sinclair is the headquarters of Sinclair gasoline. There isn’t anything there except a huge oil refinery and a Mexican restaurant. The whole town smells like shit. It sucks riding through here. I rode through with the ACA group drafting each other all the way into Rawlins.

Photo Jul 13, 3 29 15 PM

Not only did my friends mail drop me a shitload more Dude Robot stickers, but they packed the box with lots of fun treats! They even sent more dog treats too!!! I’ve been giving all the dogs treats, while all the other cyclists have been pepper spraying them.

I picked up my mail drop in Rawlins. The Kirsteins Mail dropped me more business cards and robot stickers. They also filled the box with fun treats. It was like Christmas Day in the middle of the Rawlins post office.


I hung out in a restaurant for the rest of the night working on blog stuff  while drinking $1 PBR drafts. Luz the ACA Leader showed up and I let her use my computer for a few hours while I wrote blogposts on my phone and charged my 34 batteries.


It was getting late so I followed Luz back to the ACA camp site. I decided to sleep on top of the picnic table, cause I want to hit the road super early. They will need this picnic table to make breakfast anyway.

Photo Oct 25, 2 42 44 PM

Me right about now.

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Bruce Haas - July 22, 2016

Love your posts. Glad i got to meet you you in Poplar Bluff, mo. Dog treats, more than awesome, Ride On

    Michael Riscica - July 25, 2016

    Thanks Bruce.

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