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Earlier this year my amazing Uncle Al Hering passed away. Both and Al and I wanted nothing more than for him to read this blog and follow me this summer on another bike tour. He had been waiting a very long time for me to ride across the country again.

Uncle Al was always my biggest fan when I took my previous bike tours. He read every single bike touring blogpost I ever wrote, at least twice and constantly emailed me and left comments about whatever I wrote. Sometimes when we spoke it felt like he knew more about me and my bike tours then I did. He also drove everyone nuts by constantly talking about me when I was on the road.


This Christmas he didn’t miss a beat and was actually the very first person to read and commented on this new website, when I announced this trip back in December.


Uncle Al

When Al was in college he took a bike tour around Austria and the Swiss Alps. He loved bicycles and up until the end he rode a few miles everyday on an old Panasonic that Buddy Kane gave to him and I fixed up and put in a box so he could fly it back to Florida.

Al was extremely supportive of me when I announced my first bike tour across America in 2005. I was really excited, very nervous and a little scared. At that time most of my family and friends had little faith I could ever bicycle across the country. Everyone thought I was going to die or get killed, EXCEPT Uncle Al who knew bicycle touring was going to change my life.

And it did.

And he was right.

Good thing I didn’t listen to everyone who told me I was crazy, and give up my opportunity to bicycle across America, to spend another summer working in the architecture office as a college intern.

This journal is for you Albrecht Hering. You are dearly missed. I love you.

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About the author

Michael Riscica

Hey, I’m Michael Riscica and I live in Portland, Oregon with my Labrador Retriever. When I’m off the bike, I make my living as a Licensed Architect and also write a architecture blog at

I took my first bike tour in 2003 when I rode from Boston to New York City, and at that time I learned about cycling across America. My life was forever changed. I have successfully ridden and blogged about Coast2Coast bike rides during the summers of 2005, 2007and now 2016.

Thanks for following along. I would love to connect with you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Linked In! Also check out my new project Young Architect Gear, designing architecturally themed gifts and products.

Johnny - May 31, 2016

Very good read here. Having a mentor whether it was someone you know or seeking advice from an online community can go a long way in setting you on your way. I didn’t have an “Uncle Al” but I did have the Internet to help push me towards my calling.

Ana-Klara Hering Anderson - June 2, 2016

Hey Mike,

Thanks for dedicating your journal to my Dad. He lived vicariously through you on your adventures. They reminded him of all the wonderful times he had on his own cross-country travels – via bike, VW bus, etc. He loved sharing his love of bicycling with you. He’s with you every mile of the way on this trip, too!


Alejandra Britton - June 2, 2016

Hi Michael, my Dad was so proud of you for your steadfast ambition and love for bike riding like him. I know he is looking down from heaven with a smile for you and eill be a guardian angel for your safe travels. I hope a suttle wing in yhe plains reminds you of his gentle nature and a strong orange hue during a sunset against the mountains reminds you of his ambition and love of family. Good luck on your trip Mike.

Sean Kane - June 2, 2016

Rock on my cousin from the left side …

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