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***This blogpost was written on April 13th, 2016.***

4 months ago…

The week of Christmas I worked my ass off. I wrote and published 4 blogposts and recoded and edited videos videos to accompany those posts. All this busy work, to basically just announce I’m cycling across America this summer.

MK Yoga
So What’s Been Going On?!??

In full disclosure I am writing this blogpost on my iPhone while I take a bus San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. I’m here in Nicaragua for 2 weeks to do some yoga, go surfing and hang out with the sloths.

It’s been a long an brutal winter in Portland Oregon and that’s part of why I’m here in Nicaragua.

In the last 4 months, I feel like I worked my ass off with the ARE Boot Camp, writing a million blogposts (NOT about cycling across america) and have generally had this feeling of waiting for time to pass so I could take this coast2coast Bike Ride!

I’m pretty much ready to go

I feel like I’m in good shape. All my gear has been purchased and dialed in. 4 months ago , I didn’t own one piece of gear except a dirty old sleeping bag, which I think is about to take its 3 cross country bike tour. I’ll write another post about bike gear, I could talk about bike gear until the cows come home

I found an an architecture student to live in my apartment and hang out with Molly Riscicia all summer. Young Architect is slowly getting buttoned up with a queue of blogposts, so I can maintain publishing once a week, while I’m on the road.

Robot beach
Going to Nicaragua.

The American Institute of Architecture students begged me to go to Las Vegas for their west quad conference. I almost went, but decided to pass because I knew if I went to Las Vegas… Well let’s just say I could see myself coming back completely exhausted  and it would have taken away from having my shit together so I could take this bike trip.

And then this little opportunity came up to go to Nicaragua…

My favorite yoga instructor was bringing a group of people to Nicaragua for a week to hang out and do yoga. I went with her in October to Mexico for the same thing. I came back from Mexico completely recharged and when I got back I published a new blog post every single day on young architect, ultimately taking it to the next level.

With what I’m about to do this summer Las Vegas didn’t make sense but Nicaragua does. So here I am. The yoga retreat starts tomorrow

Beginning The Bike Trip

As of today my plan stands to be Friday May 13th I’m getting on an Amtrack train to Philadelphia. It should take 3 days to get there.

I could have taken a plane and that would have been a lot cheaper and made more sense. But let’s be honest, I’m going to be a nervous wreck leaving for this trip. I already hate flying on airplanes and the idea of sitting on a train for 3 days to decompress and mentally prepare for the next 3 months.

Once I get to Philadelphia, I’ll be attending the Architecture conference and it’s going to be nuts. I’m going to be meeting a ton of my Young Architect Internet Friends many of whom I have become very close to but have never met in real life.

After the AIA convention is over, I’ll head down to Virginia and start cycling back to the coast of Oregon.

MR Dude

What’s left to do?!???

Good question…

I guess I still need to figure out how I’m getting my gear to Virginia and finding a place to stay close to Norfolk.

I don’t have any cycling clothes for this trip, but that’s the least of my worries right now. I have some old clothes from past bike trips worst case.

I still need to get this Coast2Coast website dialed in. This should be resolved shortly.

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