“Well Young Man, when you get to the coast you’ll be disappointed.” – Day 67

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Day 67
Twin Bridges Campground, ID To Cambridge, ID
July 29, 2016
105.2 Miles for the day
3,680.0 Total miles for trip
8:35 Ride Time


Last night it felt like I had bugs crawling on me all night. It was like a million mosquitoes hatched inside my tent and they kept me up all night.

In the middle of the night one of the other campers showed up at the camp site and drove her car right into the camp site. She shined her headlights on my tent for 10 minutes and then her dog barked and whined for the rest of the night.


I set the alarm for 4am and snoozed until 5am. I was on the bike at 6am riding towards the next town. I had a telephone meeting at 9am with someone on the east coast. I texted them I was running a little late. They texted back and reminded me they rescheduled the meeting till next week. Doh!


I had an excellent breakfast in Riggins Idaho. I met another cyclist riding west named Jeremy. He’s from Minneapolis. Him and I leap frogged each other on the road for most of the day.

Today was really hot. The plan for today was to make it to either council or Cambridge.

In the middle of the day, I got a flat tire when I was about 500′ away from the gas station. Soooo, I just walked the bike in and dealt with it after I ate a cheeseburger and had my root beer float. At the fast food place I met a guy who used to be a bicycle mechanic for elite pro racers. I told him all about my trip and all the people I have met.

Photo Jul 29, 6 05 01 PM

When I got to Council I got the hankering for a peanut butter and jelly and sandwich, so I had a picnic on the sidewalk in front of the the local grocery store. I received a couple of dirty looks from the locals, but that’s ok. I haven’t showered in about 3 days

Photo Jul 29, 5 54 33 PM

When I was leaving town, I went into a smoky bar to fill up my water bottles. Some old man asked where I was riding too and when I told him the Oregon Coast, he replied “Well Young Man, your going to be disappointed when you get there!” I just laughed with him and said “it’s a tough crowd in here.”


The ride from Council to Cambridge was easy peezy. When I got to town, I went to the park and saw Jeremy. He wasnt into joining me for some beers so I hit the bar all by myself and hung out with all the locals. IMG_5113

All the locals were super cool. They showed me where I could get a free shower at the Laundromat. I learned that Cycle Oregon came through Cambridge Idaho a few years ago and they were really grateful for it. Apparently they pumped a ton of money into the community and left Cambridge Idaho a lot better then when it was before they showed up. I like Cambridge, Idaho. I met all the important people who live in Cambridge. Everyone is really nice.

Photo Jul 29, 7 40 02 PM

BikeTouring999 (my instagram handle)


Photo Jul 29, 1 36 46 PM

Not sure what this means or why its important.

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Zombie Grasshoppers and Crossing Into Oregon – Day 68

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Joel - August 18, 2016


Don’t leave us hang’n.

I’ve been following your blog an d waiting for the final words. I’ve enjoyed reading all of it but we need some closure on your grand trip!


    Michael Riscica - August 19, 2016

    Joel, Im working on it right now. I’ll have those remaining days of the trip out this weekend and early next week. Thanks for following along.

Joel - August 27, 2016

Just getting back from Asia and see you updated your blog! Awesome!

I can’t wait to read it. It’s funny that reading about someone’s adventure you don’t even know can be like getting to know someone!

Glad you made it home safe!


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